frecuent asked questions / FAQ

(Conditions of the photographic trip)

How do I book a photo tour?

  • If you have already chosen one and want to register, you only have to fill out the form and I will contact you soon to close the registration.
  • You can also call the phone directly: 651 812 152. (Antonio Arévalo)


Can I go accompanied?

Yeah. Whether you are a family member or a friend, you are welcome to the photo tour. / The companion rate is the same as the rest.


What material do I have to bring?

  • Camera: With manual controls for: aperture, speed and ISO. / It can be SLR, mirrorless, bridge or advanced compact type. (If you have doubts about what type your camera is, ask me).
  • Objectives: If you have a camera with interchangeable lenses and you bring more than one objective, much better.
  • Extra battery: It is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended since we are going to use the camera a lot.
  • Tripod: It is not mandatory, but it is recommended for long exposure photography, it is light, much better. / We won't need it all the time, so you can leave it in the van when you don't use it.
  • Extra accessories: filters, remote shutter release, flashes etc.. are welcome.

What if the weather is bad?.


  • Bad weather, good photos! What do we call bad weather? Do you know that outdoor photos are much more interesting with big storm clouds? Do you like reflections in puddles? An Irishman doesn't take photos?...
  •  The phototrip schedule is flexible and adapts to the weather, don't worry. The climate cannot adapt to us, but we can adapt to it.
  •  Only in extreme cases where the rain predictions are very high, we will postpone the trip to the next available date.
  •  In the summer and hot season, we will combine our photo tour with a break at noon, accompanied by a refreshing bath.

Cancellations and returns.


  • Cancellations for any reason made up to 7 days before the start of the photo tour will receive a 90% refund. Cancellations made between 7 days and up to 24 hours before the tour will have a 50% refund. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the start of the tour.
  • The non-presentation at the meeting point (DEPARTURE) at the scheduled time or the non-notification of any kind by the traveler will not receive any type of refund.



  • The visit to all the places mentioned in each photo tour is not 100% guaranteed, and it may be necessary to change the itinerary for reasons unrelated to the organization, alternatives will be sought to continue enjoying the day. Some reasons for changes: change of hours of the place to visit, high number of visitors, closures, lack of time, etc. The organization is not responsible for these unforeseen changes.
  • It is a photo trip, not a course, for that the "School of Photography, Open your eyes" already has Initiation and Intermediate Level courses. If it includes tutoring and photographic advice by the teacher. (composition, light, camera control, photo review), good time to review.
  • The price does not include: tickets to possible visits to monuments, extra transport, food and drinks other than those carried by the organization.
  • It is allowed to leave personal belongings in the van, such as extra clothes, tripods, etc., but the organization is not responsible in case of theft due to vehicle theft.
  • We reserve the right to use any image created during the photo trips for the Abre los ojos website, social networks and/or with external providers to promote Abre los ojos products. / If you do not want to appear in the photos, let us know beforehand.
  • Languages: I am not bilingual, but I can speak with you in English