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  • Date: / Saturday July 20.

Two parts: Morning from 10:00 to 14:00 and Afternoon from 16:00 to 19:00

(Total: 7 hours)


 Price 95 euros


Smartphone photography

"The best camera is the one that always goes with you".

 "The best camera is the one that always goes with you".


And if we add to this that we can also retouch and share our photos with the same device, we have an "all in one."


For you, who don't want complications, discover how to get the most out of your mobile camera in a simple and entertaining way in this complete course:


  • Shoot!: Practice in real situations to test the theory (technique + creativity) and become more comfortable using your smartphone. All under the supervision and advice of your teacher.
  • Edit!: Get the best out of your photographs. Whether to correct a photo or to go further with your creativity. Improve your workflow and know the most suitable apps for each occasion. Adjustments, advanced touch-ups, corrections, color changes, filters, etc.
  • Organize and share!: What are you going to do with so many photos? Don't lose them, learn to organize them and have them located and then share them in the easiest way.


take control of mobile photography 100%!


"For this course I have simplified my way of working as a professional, from the sophisticated SLR camera to the simplicity of use and lightness of a mobile phone. Today, without a doubt, the best photography multi-tool"

Antonio Arevalo

The fundamentals of photography in your pocket.

Course features::

  • Welcome coffee.
  • 7 hours of IN-PERSON training and practice, the most effective way to learn.
  • REAL practices with your mobile phone, visiting different locations in the city.
  • Indoor classes (theory) and outdoors (practice)...we're going on the road.
  • Classes taught by Antonio Arévalo, professional photographer with more than 15 years training students.
  • Additional resources and class material included.
  • Initiation level, we start from scratch and go very far.
  • Small groups, 8 students maximum.
  • Final photo printing.
  • Course completion diploma.


  • Introduction
  • Theory that we put into practice.
  • Street exercises and practices (Varied exercises to test yourself).
  • Improvisation, there are no excuses not to take good photos.
  • Know your equipment thoroughly.
  • Fundamentals of photography applied to mobile, creative and technical.
  • Most useful apps.
  • Editing and retouching of the photos taken.
  • Filing and organizing photos.
  • Final presentation of the group.
  • And if you want to continue practicing... Come on a photo trip with your cell phone!


  • Mobile, any model; Android or iPhone (IOS)
  • Basic knowledge of your mobile.
  • Know how to download applications. (apps)
  • have internet access on your mobile.
  • Phone with app capabilities.
  • Charged battery and charger cable.
  • We recommend an external battery, power bank.
  • Very eager to learn and meet people.

Information: (Place / Schedule / price.)

  • Location: Classes and practices in different locations in the city. (Downtown area).
  • Schedule: Two blocks: Morning from 10:00 to 14:00 and Afternoon from 17:00 to 20:00, total: 7 hours.
  • Price: Full day course, 7 hours. : 95€
  • Request complete information by calling 651 812 152 or filling out the form.